Clear Skin in Seven Days!

Finally, seriously finally, the answer to acne prone skin is here!! Finally!

The Clear Proof Acne Line!!

MaryKay has produced a new line guaranteed to clear your skin in just seven days and I am putting it to the test this week.

This was post shower last week.

The line is only 4 pieces
Alcohol free toner
Acne gel
The secret ingredients are benzoil peroxide and salycilic acid for gentle deep cleaning.


This is a million times better than proactive and works so much better.
No scrub for sensitive skin which creates even more damage, just a gentle tingle to let you know it’s working.

Here’s my day 3 photo


And finally a side by side comparison of only 3 days, I can’t, simply cannot believe the difference in only THREE days!!


The entire 2-3 month supply is only $45 and a one month trial set is only $20!
Email me to order– this one isn’t even available on my website yet!
Remember it’s guaranteed to work and if it doesn’t work for you you get your money back!
And for only $45 you cannot go wrong bc you spend so.much.more on things like proactive without any sort of guarantee.
Place your orders now!!!


There is a reason mk has been #1 in skincare for the last 16 years– the products work!!


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