Mary Kay Marks 50 Years with Guinness World Record

I love the company that has given me SO MUCH
We have set a record 3 million consultants AND a record $3 billion in wholesale.

That’s a crazy good year and next year is going to be EVEN better– we are the beauty sponsors for the Teen Choice Awards (this Sunday!) AND Project Runway!
This company is about to explode and you need to be on the winning side so join me now. It’s simple easy and only $100 and you are going to have the life you love and deserve! to purchase and to sign up!

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Photo courtesy of Mary Kay Inc.

One Woman Can

Mary Kay kicked off its golden anniversary year with a record-setting $3 billion in annual wholesale sales. Now, the iconic beauty brand is adding a Guinness World Record® for the Largest Makeup Painting to its list of achievements in 2013.

At Mary Kay’s annual Seminar, which concluded this week, the company staged an attempt to break the world record using its trademark makeup products—3,500 of them, to be exact. The Seminar brought nearly 50,000 women to Dallas over the course of three weeks, where they had the opportunity to witness the creation of the 608 square-foot (56.5 square-meters) mural.

“We wanted to celebrate Mary Kay’s 50th anniversary in a big, visual way, and the opportunity to set the Guinness World Records title with the biggest painting made out of makeup products seemed only fitting,” said Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer for Mary Kay Inc…

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