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There are a lot of questions about the proper use of the new Mary Kay® Clear Proof™ Acne System products. Below I will attempt to answer some questions that may help you.


If you are one who suffers with acne but is also concerned with age-fighting, can the Clear Proof™ products be used with other Mary Kay skin care lines?

  • Answer: Every product Mary Kay offers can be mixed and matched within skin care lines! For example, if you have mild acne and use the TimeWise Miracle Set, try adding the Blemish Control Toner after the TimeWise® 3-in-1 Cleanser. Then, try adding the Acne Treatment Gel* to the break-out area, and continue on with the rest of the Miracle Set® regimen.

What if you use the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm™ Set and also experience breakouts? How do you incorporate Clear Proof® into your regimen?

  • Answer: As the skin ages…

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