Slow is okay.


There are days when I am superwoman– I get it ALL done, my crazy to do list, my never ending chores, my work, my Mary Kay, sewing, time with my husband, family time, a workout, you know, all the normal things women do

and then there are days when I accomplish nothing– I get out of bed, get dressed, and eat… that’s all I’ve got.


No matter the day I must always remind myself that forward movement, no matter how small or slow is OKAY.

Seriously Ericka, it is alright.

I want to just be a super director already with a team of working working super women who put as much into their businesses as I put into mine, who do the things they know they need to do to get to where the want to be, and I want to already drive for free with Mary Kay, and have a crazy big customer base…. because that’s the person I am, if I’m going to do something I’m going to do it as fast as humanly possible.


That ain’t happening in my Mary Kay.

And frankly given my life, it’s not going too. But it’s that 15 minutes I spend every day, or 30, or an hour– just SOMETHING, every day on my Mary Kay.

It’s the new face I meet who needs a smile and an uplift. It’s the customer who has been plagued forever by her skin and now loves it thanks to Mary Kay products. It’s the new consultant who joins and spends her last $100 on faith that God is going to grow that $100 through her hard work into an amazing story– and then it really happens.

That’s my success.

One person at a time, one day at a time, one 15 minutes at a time and I will meet my success when it is MY time.

It’s not the fast way but that’s ok. It’s the right way and it’s the way that will teach me the most lessons in life and help me to grow to be the best version of me yet.


So bring on the slow and hold her steady as she goes and really Ericka— remember this when you’re frustrated ok?


2 thoughts on “Slow is okay.

  1. I am fairly new to MK and I really needed to hear/read this today! I have been dealing with some things in my life and not being able to work my business like I want. All the avenues I’ve explored would require me not working my business at all or not how I want, defeating the purpose of that avenue! So I needed to know that every little bit I’m doing is only pushing me towards my time of sprouting! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tanisha,
    Girl thank you for sharing 🙂 I am so glad that you were able to find some inspiration from little ‘ol me 😉
    You know Dory from NEMO said it best “just keep swimming!” And I would add to that, reach up, call your director and tell her you’re stuck and life isn’t working out the way you want it to to build your MK business, she’s prob got much better ideas that I ever will.
    And hold on to the fact that you CANNOT lead someone through the trenches if you’ve never been down there. Period.
    If you want to be a director and you want to lead a group of women someone (or several someones) is going to go through exactly what you’re going through right now and since you’ve been there and done that YOU will be able to mentor her and help her through whatever her life has thrown at her and you will both come out on the other side victorious!
    🙂 Message me any time, or email me if you wanna talk! I’m all ears and would love to know about your MK growth!!
    Stay strong sister!

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