Wedding Photo Slacker

Guess who has once again gotten toooooo busy for her own good?

This girl.

But I’ve found the time to post some wedding photos on Facebook and I just have to share some here šŸ™‚ These will be several posts cause I’m gonna break ’em up!

It’s my blog, I can do that šŸ˜‰


First Up: The Boys!

Can you tell the groom is nervous??


My brother is a total goof-off… but he helps to lighten the mood šŸ™‚


Solomon’s dad and step mom

Solomon and his brothers



Someone please notice the goofy one on the left… he’s at it again.

Solomon and my brothers



He loves his mommy.

Solomons mom and step dad


the entire Wise and Webb family. I love how well these two get along šŸ™‚ so very comforting!


this is what happens at southern weddings to help the groom relax– blue grass with old buddies šŸ™‚


this wonderful guy played for us šŸ™‚ songs he WROTE!

they were so so good and he was so amazing to work with! Thanks again Chad

the youngest member of the wedding party, Aden, 13year old brother to Solomon just knew he was hot stuff in this hat šŸ˜‰




This was such a happy day and I just love reliving it! šŸ™‚Ā 


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