Saying goodbye

Part of growing up is saying goodbye, and it’s not always the good part…

Friends come and go and life takes us all different places but sometimes friends leave for the very best reasons!

The one in the middle, you might recognize her from wedding photos, JUST left for a wonderful, exciting, brand new, awesome, and so so great job at one of the best schools in the country! I could not be happier for her! Couldn’t. So at the moment, I am still, though she checked outta here on Saturday morning, in denial, that she’s truly gone out of NC, it sorta feels now like shes just taking an extended vacation and we’ll get to catch up next week over lunch.

and I’m hanging on to that denial as long as I can.

Though I am OVER THE FREAKING MOON excited for her new chapter in life my selfish self misses her something fierce….

Watch out world, she’s going to do AH-MAZING things!

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