Paparazzi Accessories

I’m at it again!

Another direct sales business but this time it’s an easy one! PAPARAZZI ACCESSORIES!

cover photo 1

Never heard of it? Well me neither until a vendor show in November where I met my upline Teresa who was so low-pressure it could be considered NO pressure– lemme tell ya, I was digging that!

Paparazzi Accessories is an accessory company, as you probably guessed by the name- jewelry, headbands, hairclips and even a young girls line of pieces and every.single.piece is only $5! (young girls line is $2.50 each)

Seriously, only $5. I was shocked and I think I asked about four times, “really, only $5, are you sure?” and Teresa just smiled and answered “Yes, just $5.” Lovely lady!


It was a small fee to start up and from there I have purchased the jewelry at wholesale cost to sell at retail price and I already love it! With the new year I am really just getting into it, I only joined November 27 after all and then there was Commencement at work, my birthday, and Christmas, not to mention a serious battle with the flu (ugh!) so I’m getting around to making something happen here 😉


I’ve only been at it for a short while but I really love it!

Money is easily made through events and parties and even bag parties, oh, and I can make money at restaurants by wearing it and when someone says “Oh I love that necklace” I can sell it right there 🙂 How sweet is that?!!?


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It’s gonna be a fun ride!




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