Big Sister Quilt!

Here’s proof that I do more than just sales 😉

(even though I really love sales!)

A friend of mine is expecting baby #2 in June 🙂

She has a 7-year old daughter who right now loves the idea of a new baby brother or sister, though she SWEARS it’s going to be a boy and it’s going to be named Johnny– mom doesn’t agree on the name 😉 AhhhKids!


I was 7 when my youngest brother was born and for me it was a great thing- I had a real life baby doll to play with! and my mom let me take a real role in helping- I got to feed and hold, and diaper, and all of that stuff that big siblings do with little ones.

But my friend’s daughter may not be like me, very few people are… so I decided to make her a big sister quilt– one just for her to let her know just how special she is and how great it is to be a big sister!

I think it is incredibly important to remember the older siblings and the giant adjustment they must make when a new one comes along, it’s tough on them going from being the center of attention to having almost none during the 9 months before and somewhere around a year after the new one is born. Many get jealous and resent the new sibling and that is completely natural, it’s probably supposed to happen for a biological reason I don’t understand. But the simple truth is that showing care and concern for the older sibling(s) and including them in the new baby preparations can go a long way to alleviate sibling stress. Maybe this will help, maybe not, but it can’t hurt to try right?

My friend has instructions to give it to her daughter when she (mom) thinks it’s best. Read: when the daughter needs it most during the new baby prep process!

I hope she loves it!


Meet my helper, Charlie, always in the middle of things…



Pillow to match!


Seriously, always “helping”

Here’s Charlie not on the quilt/pillow 🙂


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