Options and Opportunities



Here’s the skinny on Paparazzi

1. It starts at $40 to join- there are higher options if you’d like and they include a LOT of jewelry but $40 is the bottom line.

2. The pieces cost $5 each (or less) and EVERYONE can afford $5 so it makes everyone happy!

3. Parties come in three forms: bag, facebook, in person. but they aren’t your traditional parties, no spill about the company and no teaching about how to use the products, I mean it’s accessories, most ladies know EXACTLY how to use those products 😉 Plus with the $5 price point every.single.person. at your party can buy something without having to break the bank or face the music when the significant other check the price tag (insert scary music here)

4. I have felt ZERO pressure from anyone. Not my sponsor, not her sponsor, not even the company. I don’t have to sell unless I want too. I don’t have to invite anyone to join my team unless I want too. That’s just amazing too me!

5. There’s a 45% sales commission on each piece sold and at $5 a piece a LOT of pieces get sold! That 45% means no one HAS to build a team in order to make great money, you can make great money just by selling the product, nothing else is required. 

6. No catalogs to buy, keep up with, nothing. No wasted money down the drain when you buy catalogs that no one ever looks at. Paparazzi is a cash and carry system, there aren’t even online orders. People see you and your jewelry that you have on hand and they buy it and take it home the same day. You don’t have to keep up with or enter orders, you don’t have to do anything but sell them jewelry!

7. You can sell anywhere. On facebook, at a yardsale, flea market, on the side of the road, at parties, at vendor events- I mean the SKY is the limit. If you can get a table you can sell Paparazzi there! 

I could go on and on and on and on….. about how great Paparazzi has been and how much I enjoy all of the amazing freedom that I’ve gotten since joining but don’t take my word for it– put up your $40 today and find out for yourself! I would love to have you on my team! 



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