No Parties

Sometimes I forget that this Paparazzi business is TOTALLY different than other direct sales and that parties are not required.

I guess I’ve been in direct sales so long it’s just ingrained in me to party. party. party. (ugh)  I think I need professional help 😉


But parties are NOT required. Seriously. and when I really sit down and think about it, that’s incredibly refreshing 🙂

I can bring some jewelry in a bag to you at work, at home, at a soccer game, even out to dinner and that’s it. No party, no friends, no cleaning, no cooking. Just jewelry. 


I am not sure what to do here sometimes. But I am starting to like it 😉 



That being said- if you just wanna shop, just me and you, let me know!

We won’t have a party, there won’t be any stress. I will just come to you with fun stuff, we’ll catch up, you’ll shop and that’s all. And that just sounds like so much fun to me.

Find me on Facebook and let me know if you’d like to see my Paparazzi one on one! 


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