Surf’s Up VoxBox

I signed up for Influenster’s VoxBox(es) last month and my first one came last week!

We have PainRelief in the form of a liquid shot (yay for PMS week pain)


Shampoo and Condition to give my wavy hair a little more wave


after sun lotion

Neat! I couldn’t wait to dig in so, I dug 🙂 

The aftersun lotion smells DIVINE! Seriously, this smells great, goes on well (thick) but then seems to just *absorb* like magic! I love that part because I want my lotion in my skin not on my clothes!

The shampoo and condition seem to do the job. I’m wearing my hair curly today and its SUPER curly! It smelled and looked like regular shampoo/condition so nothing terribly special except the curly hair.


I just had my nails and toes done last week so no trying the polish yet but I will, in time 🙂 


I hope to get more boxes of fun things to try because I will be purchasing more of the aftersun for our move to Florida! (ps we’re  moving out of Asheville! 


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