It [didn’t] Works!

We’ve all seen these photos on social media about the It Works! wraps and wish that we could try them and get those kind of results. Well I did.

and here’s my candid review.

It didn’t work.

I even tried two wraps, waiting the required 72 hours between each one and my stomach was BIGGER! I wanted to cry and it wasn’t pretty.

I put on the wrap just like directed, wrapped myself in plastic wrap, drank three glasses of water in 45 minutes, took it off and my stomach was larger. The company and their sales force claims that over the course of the next 72 hours the area will continue to shrink, well mine didn’t.

I decided that maybe it was just a first time fluke so I tried another wrap 3 days later. Same process, same water, same time and my stomach was STILL larger than when I started.

No.Thank.You ItWorks! 

Not at all what I wanted.


Perhaps you have had much better experience with these wraps and it’s just me and my weirdo body.. share YOUR before and afters, not the ones you find on google and maybe I can try a third time… maybe not.

ps I have before and afters but they’re embarrassing so I’m not posting them online for all the world to see… nope. 

2 thoughts on “It [didn’t] Works!

  1. Hi, I have got to ask… was this some kind of wrap product that had a “salt” that was supposed to draw out the water? Were you supposed to eat a certain way afterward or exercise (walk) a certain amount of time to supplement the process.

    As the saying goes “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is”. Sorry you were disapointed. What did the company or the consultant say after you reported your results? Because it’s summertime, we all one a quick “pick me up” or in some cases, a quick “don’t want to exercise so I am looking for a quick fix product”. And I am wondering if the company stands by the product and has a “decent” customer service / money back guarantee.

  2. I would love to talk with you about your experience with the wraps. First of all, I’m wondering where you got your wraps, how long they were shelved before you got them and how long you had them before you tried them. Also, I’m wondering if you are on any types of medications. I ask because unfortunately, some meds conflict with the wraps. Also, I’m sorry that whoever sold the wraps to you didn’t encourage you to continue. We tell people that one or two wraps is not a full “treatment.” I would encourage you to try again but with the whole box. If there are medications in the way, please contact me and I can help you get past the conflict between them and the wraps.

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