I’m a beauty lover, there’s NO doubt about that. If it comes in a beauty product I will take it, thank you very much. I love it. It is also possible that I have a problem… but probably not 😉

I found out a friend of mine sells Arbonne, a Swiss based company focusing on Pure, Safe, Beneficial products for the body and skin, not just beauty, and I wanted to know more. I went to a presentation to learn more. I learned that in TWENTY-SIX seconds all things are absorbed directly into the skin… 26 seconds. That’s not a lot of time.

I am working to do more for myself in the realm of healthy eating, fresh fruits, veg, meats, less sugars, starches, and gluten so of course I am curious about all the other things I’m putting in my body… but who would have thought that the chemicals from my shampoos, bodywashes, even my toothpaste can affect my health so much… wow.


I ended up with:

chemical free shampoo




vegan-friendly,  soy free, gmo free protein powder that tastes great!

digestive assistance packets

immunity support.

I’ve used most everything faithfully since I got them and so far I feel just fine 🙂


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