Stress and Drama Kills

No really, it does. But you can recover.

You may not have the option that I just had, to move 600 miles away from your stress and drama but seriously, find a way to do away with stress.

Since moving my hair is AMAZING, seriously, no more split ends, no falling out, its got life again. Before when living with constant stress and drama I had to deep condition EVERY WEEK and had a standing 6 week appointment at the salon. Yes, you could attribute this to a new location, new water, or whatever, but I firmly stand on the lack of stress.


My face is also more clear! This is exciting for my adult acne! I am in a healthier mental environment and it shows on my face 🙂


I am losing weight! Yes, I am in the land where people love love love to be active and take care of themselves, but I actually WANT to take care of myself. I swim 3-4 days a week, today I swam 12 laps (down/back=1 lap), I walk often with my dogs, and my diet has changed. I attribute it to the lack of stress, I no longer feel completely overwhelmed and just so tired after work and it shows!



So seriously, what can you do to remove yourself from stress? You can find another job, just put in applications, you can ask for a transfer to another department, you can cut out that negative person from your life (omg, that feels SO good when you do), you can stop going to places that bring you down, I mean, there are many things you can do to alleviate the stress, just find them!


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