DIY Dog Bed

Ever been to Petsmart/Co and had sticker shock at the prices of their dog beds? Me too!

I refuse to pay that much for something that my dogs will rip apart in a few weeks… refuse. It happens every time I get them a new bed.

So I made one 😉

It took 15 minutes, used up some scraps I was never going to get around to using anyway, and helped clean up my sewing room. The dogs aren’t likely to destroy this one because it lacks the all important cotton stuffing (aka fluff) that makes destruction so much more fun 😉

I took fleece left over from another project and an old sheet, filled it with scrap material and voila! Dog Bed!


To make:

Place your fabric right side to right side (front to front) sew around all sides but leave a space large enough for your hand to fit inside.

Turn right side out via the hole you’ve left open.

Stuff with small pieces of left over fabric– they need to be small, cut them if they aren’t small, I’m talking smaller than 2inches.

Sew closed the hole you used to stuff the inside.

Smoosh (technical term) the stuffing around to make it more comfortable for the dogs.

Pose three unwilling dachshunds on the bed for photo 😉


Happy Crafting!


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