“The best razor I’ve ever used!”

Welcome to saving (more) money!!

A friend of mine introduced me to Dollar Shave Club and our lives have changed, big time!

Each month I pay $6 for four razor blades and extras for my husband and he LOVES it! He said “It’s the best razor I’ve ever used!” and he meant it. Whats even better for me? They come in the mail, right to my house, I don’t have to do anything but check the mail! It’s a big win.

The BEST part– its SIX DOLLARS! You heard me, SIX whole dollars. Think about what you spend on razors for your fellow, $20 for the initial set up of razor and a few blades plus replacement blades at what $15 for four… plus time, gas, energy, etc in going to the store.

This is the BEST deal you’ll find, better even than couponing! I encourage you to give it a shot!

Use this link and you can learn so much more! http://shaved.by/8ufb


there are options– we chose the 4x because other than the Gillette name brand, it was exactly what he was using every day.



Oh, and did I mention they come every month with autoshipping??? Still only $6

He loves it because no one forgets to pick up razors while shopping (*clears throat*)Β  so he always has a fresh blade πŸ˜‰


Remember because of his new job, Solomon shaves his entire head and face with a razor- bead, mustache, and head (he’s bald) and if he loves these razors your fellow is sure to as well.

It’s worth a shot for $6 shipped right to your front door- right?




Here he is πŸ™‚



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