Fashion Fix

Imagine if you will… 25 pieces of GORGEOUS handpicked jewelry coming right to your door every month BEFORE they can be bought.


Ahhhhhhh, what a dream… especially for those of us who love jewelry.



Welcome to my new reality! Thank you Paparazzi for the Fashion Fix!



The 20th of each month a box of new, can’t buy ’em yet pieces will come to and my job is to show them to as many customers as I can and take pre-orders to be placed on the 1st of the following month. How easy is that?! Especially when you factor in the ease of social media…. man what a dream job I have!

DREAM I tell ya 😉

What an exciting way to increase my sales???

Not to mention help folks stay active in the company and all the perks that come with that (COMMISSION!!)


Thanks Paparazzi for giving me an exciting new way to help my customers have the most up-to-date trends without breaking their banks! I can’t believe how awesome this company is!



Wanna know more about the Fashion Fix, the accessories, or even Paparazzi the company?

Email me and hop on over to follow me on Facebook to see the VERY FIRST Fashion Fix EVER when it comes to my house!! EVER!


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