One Year of Paparazzi Love!


I DO love my Paparazzi!
I mean, why wouldn’t I? Its an amazing company designed with consultants in mind and geared so that we can make our dreams come true!

My one year anniversary was November 25, I’m only a little late in this post but… It happens 😉

Paparazzi has given me freedom, fun, and fashion!
I have been able to leave my job, to move away from home, and make friends in my new place!
Its also paying for my car! Never thought I’d say that!
Oh, and I have a team! A team! I know you remember all my recruitment struggles from the past, those are literally all a thing of the past! 15 women (eek!) have decided to join me on this journey with more to come!
I’ve even made it to the rank of Director!!

What a heck of a first year! Let’s get rocking and rolling on year two and seeeeeeee what happens!


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