Have you ever gone through a time without inspiration? I mean, just nothing, zero, zilch, Nada… Can’t come up with a new, creative idea for any amount of money.

My November and December were just that way… I mean I made some cure Christmas PJs for my family but that’s it.

Thank God though, life is a cycle and everything comes to an end!


On a Monday no less!!
I am in love with this wall hanging! Love! And kinda still can’t believe that I was the one to create it!

Its the first in a series inspired by my new home (did I really just call Florida home?!) And I’m too excited to see what comes next!!


Step one: the sea turtle. Would you believe this guy was actually tough to make? I had to call in reinforcements in the form of my personal animal dude (Solomon) to help me get it just right.


Step 2: the background! I couldn’t just go with one color of blue 😉


Step 3: Jellyfish!
I left their tentacles free because it was just more to let them move free!

I’m excited to see what comes with the rest of the series! ❤❤❤


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