Getting Un-Stuck

Sometimes we all get stuck, and sometimes we stay stuck. While we’re stuck we feel powerless, useless, and are not able to function. This is where Dawn comes in. She helps us get un-stuck.


During our 20 minute phone call this afternoon Dawn was able to help me help myself. We pinpointed what got me stuck, pointed out the triggers that kept me stuck, and discussed strategies to manage the stressors to avoid being stuck again.
In only 20 short minutes I had reclaimed my power, power that I had unknowingly given away which is what got me stuck in the first place, and now with that power restored to its rightful place, I am ready to go back to doing what I do best- motivating others.
If you’re stuck and feeling a loss of personal power, I give my highest recommendation to Dawn and her ability to help you find that power!

Visit her website, sign up for her newsletters, and ask her for a coaching session- you’ll thank me later!


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