Wow. Can you say powerful?
Let’s think for a minute about what those first 100,000 consultants from the two powerhouses of direct sales could be doing today. Most likely left the business. Some likely passed away, some just drifted away. And an even smaller amount of those first consultants kept working, kept growing, and are in the top 2% of the company living the dream the company is known for.

Now what if you were among those first 100,000? What would you be doing?
What if you could be one of those? Would you do it?
In Paparazzi you can. We have less than 31,000 consultants and so many places in the US have never even heard of us. I still get the “what is Paparazzi?” question every day! How awesome is that?!

Let’s get in on the action in the early stages together so that in 50 years, we will be among those first 100,000 consultants living the dream life we earned!

Join me now!

PS- please do not “borrow” my artwork without my permission. I’m happy to share, just ask.


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