$450 Goal

Registration for a vehicle in Florida is expensive. Super expensive. And we’ve put it off as long as possible, other financial priorities you know?

Well nows the time and we’ve put our finances into other areas… as it always goes.

But when times get tough the tough ones get working 😉 And I am among the tough ones!

I have this awesome Paparazzi business and I’m going to use it to my advantage! Just today I booked three parties and in only a few hours have sold 16 pieces, and I’m not stopping there! I won’t stop til I reach my $450 goal.

That’s how this business works. You have a bill that needs paid? Go sell some jewelry and pay it!

You break a tooth and need to visit the dentist and they charge you SO MUCH? Go sell some jewelry and pay the dentist!

Your kids need new school clothes but your budget does allow it? Go sell some jewelry and buy your babies some clothes!

All it takes it you being willing to WORK! And girl, it is NOT hard work, at all!!

It’s $5 jewelry and it sells so so easy!

Join me now and get to work! Your bills will thank you 😉



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