Make your reasons you can’t into your Why!


Make your reasons why not into your reasons why!

“I don’t have money to start!”
— girl! You need money then! Find $99 and then get to to work! You can make great $$$ here!

“I don’t have time”
— girl! Paparazzi goes where you go! Take it to work w you, to church, to your kids baseball games! You can sell where ever you are! On Facebook too!

“I’ve tried direct sales before and it didn’t work out”
— girl! You’ve NEVER tried anything like Paparazzi! Its $5! It’s designed to sell anywhere! It’s just fun!

“My friends, cousins, goldfish said she heard bad things about the company and the product.”
— girl… Have you even met this goldfish?! What kind of nonsense is that?!

All it takes is a change in your mindset. Determine that you’re going to do this and you will find a way. You’re a woman
You’re strong. You’re powerful. Nothing can stop you– don’t stand in your own way!


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