Job Searching?


I know several of you have posted lately about looking for a new job…

Yall, this is the BEST job I’ve ever had! Ever! I work, hard, but its incredibly fun work and I get to pick when and where I work!

I’m working a FB party right now while Solomon and I are racing back to the mountains to see his grandfather before he passes away. No 9-5 would let me do that without a fight.

If you put in half as much effort as you do in your “real job” you’ll be a gigantic success!!

I know you’re scared and you have bills to pay- so do we all- take 5 minutes of bravery, add a little bit of hard work, a willing attitude, and some determination and you’ll be a success!

Its $5 accessories! People will buy them so long as you tell them about the opportunity!

Join us now!! sign up now under business opportunities!


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