A Year in Review


Sunday was exactly one year since our move to Florida.

One entire year.

Man how time flies when you’re having fun and this has been the BEST year yet!

Florida is EXACTLY where we need to be and we’re both doing EXACTLY what we  need to be doing!

Solomon has changed jobs, he got a promotion, and LOVES IT! He’s happier, his skills are being fully utilized, and hes able to teach, because secretly, he loves to teach!

I have grown from a team of two to a team of 35! THIRTY FIVE! Who knew that was possible!?!

I spend my days growing personally, growing spiritually, mentoring others both on my team and not, and enjoying my days. Plus I get to make money doing it. Holy wow. This is my life!

I still can’t believe it most days and both Solomon and I say often how glad we are that we took a chance and said yes to a once in a life time opportunity!

What opportunity is looking at you right now?

Is is scary? Good! That means you should give it a try! Life is nothing without a little adventire!

Go! Be Brave! Have fun! Make a life and enjoy it!

Now let’s see what happens in the next year of life 😉 It’s gonna be awesome!

o! and PS- I have also built a sewing business, am a member of a women’s barbershop chorus, and my tan looks fabulous 😉


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