This is why I do Paparazzi and why I believe in it with my entire heart and soul. And why you see so much about it.

Because I own my own business and manage my own time I am able to be at the hospital for a friend in need.

I got the text this morning about major surgery and there was no question, I was going.

I didn’t have to call and ask my boss, I didn’t have to leave my coworkers, I didn’t have to do anything but rearrange a few appointments that I’d set myself.
There’s power in being your own boss.

My motto- “do now what others will not so that later you can have what others cannot.”

Because I made a choice to invest in me and worked hard, I now can do what others cannot.

Thank you God I has sense enough to grab the opportunity presented to me and then the diligence to make it work so I CAN be here for a very important person.



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