Control your Schedule, Control your Life

So listen, life is busy. Actually, scratch that. Life is NUTS.

There’s entirely too much to do and man, I don’t even have children… I cannot imagine your mamas and how you do it… Keep up the good work.

But let’s talk about schedules.

When you control your schedule you control your life. It really is that easy.

Find what works for you and MAKE IT WORK.

Stick to it. Protect the time, make it valuable.

Here is my weekly schedule, yes it changes sometimes, yes, some days fall apart, but most weeks this is exactly how I set up my days and it works for me. I am a morning person so I do my most important things in the morning. I sometimes need afternoon naps so I left myself time after lunch to just take a break (because we all know those are important)

And yes, that’s colored pencil 😉

A girl needs an art project every now that then, right?

So here’s what I do, these are time blocks. I work my Paparazzi between 9-12:30 every day and then on my way home from the gym I make my evening phone calls to those women who work during the day.

During my morning hours I work my way down my to-do list for Paparazzi.

Actually, that leads me to another tangent– I make several to do lists by topic. Example: I make a Paparazzi to do list and all business related items are stashed there. I make a chorus to do list, then a personal do list and all things related to home, banking, cars, dogs, yada, yada, yada are included there!

This way I know what I need to be doing during each segment of the day.

Annnnd, back to topic.

I take a set lunch break every day 12:30 is lunch time. I do not let myself NOT eat. Food is important, necessary, and we need it. Make yourself take lunch. And no working during lunch. No.

Now, this system is not perfect. I cannot control every day and I cannot control what comes my way but this DOES help. This does give me set hours to work on specific tasks, and it will you too.

t me see your calendars, I wanna know how you allocate your time!


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