Power in Percentages

Let’s talk about this.

I hope it makes sense to you, or I hop eI can help it make sense to you. There is great power in percentages, and the higher percentage will make you more money faster. And don’t we all love that 😉

Let’s use $100, because that makes the math easy 😉

You sell $100 of product at a party. Congratulations! That’s a big number! Here’s how the money in your pocket will look according to the percentage your company pays you:

45% of $100 is $45

35% of $100 is $35

30$ of $100 is $30

25% of $100 is $25

And so on.

Which of these numbers looks the best to you?

Paparazzi pays you 45%. So on that $100 sale, you earn $45! I mean, a girl could do a lot work, check out the other percentages… what is your time worth? How much money would you like to make at a party? When you are researching a potential company PLEASE make sure you research the payment percentage and that you REALIZE the power of percentages!

Does this make sense to you now?

Join my team and for every $100 you sell you will make $45 😉 Sweet deal right?



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