Are you willing?


Seriously guys, this is why I work from home. Why I MAKE Paparazzi work for me.
This little guy us still in pain and has to be monitored 100% of the time. He’s a ween so he’s already back up and pushing his limits and finding random things in the floor to try and eat… 100% eyes on at all times.


I couldn’t do that from an office. I would have to use sick/vacation time to make that happen. I’d have to have permission, make a plan for others to do my job, to fill in while I’m out.
And that’s hard to do.

Paparazzi has given me the freedom and ability to work right from my bed (where this pic was taken this am) to be home with my little guy, and to still contribute to the family income.

This is not joke. I am just me, just Ericka who saw an opportunity for $99, grabbed onto it with both hands and went to WORK!

This can be your life too.
You can have this too but you have to pluck up the courage to sign up and then be willing to work to earn it.
Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Do you want to change your life?


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