Executive Director!!


Once again I stand in awe of how things are falling together in my life! I am amazed at how a simple, fun, business like Paparazzi has completely altered my life. I am excited to see just where to future goes for me and my team! Because man, we’re on our way to GREAT things!
Last night my team and I ranked up to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR!!!
I am shouting today, actually alternating between shouting and amazement. This is crazy! Just crazy!

And with a few days to spare :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Executive Director!!

  1. In a previous MK post you indicated you were no longer a consultant. How long were you an independent Beauty Consultant? When did you start the paparazzi business and how long have you been a rep of that company? I am considering a business, but haven’t made up my mind, yet.

    • Hi Julie!
      I was with MK for three years.
      I’ve been with Paparazzi for two and they have been the BEST two years of my life!!!
      BEST! Omyword!
      I have ranked up several times, I have a team of 80 women, I have the best support network, I get to do trainings regularly, my parties are so much fun, and I’m happy. I am just seriously happy. It’s just amazing how different my life is between MK and Paparazzi.’
      That goes to show the power in choosing the company that is right for you. I have nothing bad to say about MK, there is nothing wrong with it. It was just not the company for me. Paparazzi is. Plus, who can beat $5?!?!
      If you’d like to chat we can, shoot me an email erickalchampion@gmail.com and I’ll tell you more about Paparazzi and what’s to love about it 😉

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