30 Days til 30

This year marks my 30th birthday and I am oh so excited about that!



I know I don’t have it all together, who does, really? If you do, shoot me some tips, but I do feel like I love me. I love myself and my life. I am not without my problems, nor is my life, but I love them and I feel compelled to share some things with you oh internet world, 30 things before my 30th birthday that I have learned in these 30 short years that perhaps will help you!

Now, I know my older audience asks “What does a 30 year old know?! She’s practically a baby, I’m 50, 60, 90, I know so much more than she does!”

And you, older audience, would be (partially) correct, you do have more years on you than I do, but that does not necessarily mean you know more than me. I am an old soul, always have been, but most importantly, I know myself and I listen to myself and I grow daily. I do not proclaim to know it all but I do say that as I have grown and lived through some of life’s seasons and learned some of life’s lessons, I must share them with others. Age is after all, only a number.

So hang in there, see what you can learn and perhaps, you’ll write yourself one day the things you’ve learned along the way to share with us so that we can grow too.


I am getting a head start on this because my birthday is Christmas Eve and who wants to be blogging on Christmas Eve? Really. Not me. I want to do this justice 😉



Look for more specific posts in the coming days!



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