30 Days Til 30: Take Time for You

Another day, another 30 before 30 post!

Not sure what I mean, read this post and you’ll catch up quickly!

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten closer to 30 is that time for myself is important and it is NOT selfish. Well, maybe it is selfish, but you know what, its ok to be selfish with this time for myself.

And it’s ok for you too.

In fact, you NEED to be selfish with that time.

This image speaks volumes and I want you to really see it, you cannot give to others when you are empty inside. You have nothing to give if you don’t take that time for yourself.


So, what can you do to fill your own cup and take time for yourself? Honestly, it all depends on you and what reinvigorates you. It can be a massage, a facial, time at the salon, a hot bath, solo Netflix and chill, a girls night out, dinner with friends, or a million other things.

For me I am reinvigorated by reading, by spending time near water (bonus points if I read near the water), creating something, WORKING OUT, writing or just being alone. But in thinking about it reading, especially motivational reading, is my number one. Closely followed by a good workout!

Each woman has a different thing that refills her cup, you have to find your own, and that takes time, trial and error. So don’t be afraid to try different things, you’ll never know til you try!


How will you know if what you’re doing is reinvigorating you?

You’ll feel it. You will know if you have the feelings of dread and the “Omg, not one.more.thing on my schedule feeling” before a dinner out, or if you’re dancing around while you’re dressing for dinner. You’ll know  by how you’re feeling AFTER you’ve finished your chosen activity. You should feel satisfied, comfortable, rejuvenated. Not worn out, overworked, and exhausted. That’s what we’re trying to avoid here.

And only you can tell you what works. And different things work on different days! Give ’em a shot and see what happens!

But whatever you do, take time for you ❤


What rejuvenates you? What helps you relax and take time for yourself? I’d love to hear your ideas!



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