14 Months


14 solid months of steady continuous, nonstop work was required to earn these.

14 months.
I’ve been in Paparazzi 2 years but August 2014 I decided to get serious and get to work every day like the food on my table depended on it (and it did)

14 months.
I had bad parties, bad events, customers who were unhappy, consultants who didn’t work.

14 months
I didn’t want to do it all the time. It was easier to sun by the pool than to make phone calls.

14 months.
I got up and made myself go to work. I partied. I partied. I partied. I partied some more. I asked my hostess to join my team. I asked her friends. I shared my LOVE for Paparazzi.

Trust me.
it took me 14 months to grow enough personally to be worthy of these ranks and these honors.
If you don’t get these right now

Get yourself back to work, book parties, sell jewelry, and share this business with others. Do that every single day for 14 months and watch how life changes.
Give it 14 solid, hardworking months.

I can’t wait to see you work!


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