Let me tell you about blessings.
In two years, November is my 2 year Paparazzi Anniversary so many blessings have come my way.

I have achieved SEVERAL major milestones including three ranks and two Crown Clubs plus I have a team of 87 women working hard.

But also I have seen my work stress disappear. I have watched myself grow. I have learned WHO I am and WHAT I am good at. I have found my place, found my role, found the part that I am meant to play.

I am a teacher, just like I always knew I was meant to be,  I am also a mentor, a trainer, a leader, a cheerleader, a listener, a sounding board, an advice giver, a sister, and a friend.

I am proud of who I am and who I am growing into.

All because in November 2013 I said yes to an opportunity and then set it in my mind that I was going to work this business as hard and as often as I worked in an office.

What blessings will a yes bring you?

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