Outfit of the Day


Selfie-stick, messy offices, and puppies for the win! 🙂

After a long day this outfit was still holding strong! 🙂


A LulaRoe Cassie Skirt, their pencil-skirt style that I am headoverheels for! They fit well, breath well (incredibly important in Florida), it flatters my body shape, it’s modest, and omyword SO COMFY!

Let me tell you, the waist band is like yoga pants, it stretches and fits without cutting you in half!

I paired this Cassie skirt with an Ann Taylor Leopard print button down shirt, it is long sleeves but I rolled them because it’s stilllllll humid here (can someone let the weather know it’s December?!) and a pair of thrifted brown wedges. Plus, of course, my Paparazzi Accessories!

This Sands of Time necklace in Gold is eye catching, sparkly, and large enough to hold it’s own against the bold leopard print!


The Lularoe was purchased from my friend Niki Perkins, you’ve gotta join her Facebook VIP group! She gets new inventory all the time!


Purchase your $5 Paparazzi from me! Join my VIP Group on Facebook! 


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