Outfit of the Day



More LulaRoe!! 🙂

This time a long Ana dress! It’s made of the softest cotton! It’ has a waist band that fits right where the waist should be, not at the high waist, nor low, just right in the middle! And it’s roomy!

It’s seriously the softest maxi you’ll ever find! It does come with a price tag, but what high quality clothing doesn’t? I expect to get a lot of wear out of this one!
And when we go north for Christmas I bet ya this long dress complete with sleeves will be PERFECT for the colder temps! Add some boots and I’ll be all set!


This day I added a wide black belt to cut the middle and I’m glad I did! It’s a lot of pattern otherwise. Plus paired with a gorgeous fringed black and gunmetal Paparazzi necklace that sets off the grey and black in the dress! It fit right into the necklace with no problem!


Come shop our VIP Groups! You know you wanna!

LulaRoe by Niki Perkins

Paparazzi by Ericka! 


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