Spice VoxBox Review!


Better late than never, right?

I got this killer VoxBox last week! It’s the best one yet!  seriously.

It was full of FULL-SIZE products, usually it’s sample sizes and thats cool but man, full-size, that’s the best 🙂




This SoapBox shampoo and conditioner set are my very favorite!

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of sulfate free and so is my hair! Immediately, well, the next morning, I used this set and omyword my hair is a happy happy camper! The smell is refreshing, just… nice… that’s the only word I have for it. It’s not a food smell, not medical smell, just a nice clean smell.
Like all sulfate free shampoos there is no lather but that’s a good thing, and the conditioner is a little more thick than other sulfate free’s and I’m digging that!


Plus, the SoapBox mission is fabulous! They really, according to their social media, live up to their BuyOne, GiveOne mission and I like that!


Second to the shampoo set is this amazing mousse!
It’s a little thicker than you’d expect so a little goes a (very) long way. It smells like CHOCOLATE! Seriously, chocolate! And it leaves my hair less frizzy, and nothing does that. I don’t have the crazy flyaways (as badly) when I use this! I’m happy! And I will be buying more!


Yum, yum, yum! Yummy!

Veggie straws are my fav crunchy, salty snack! Plus they’re “healthy” as healthy as chips can be 😉

You’ve gotta try em!


Ahhhh- Yogi Tea! I will drink anything they make and this Vanilla Spice is no exception! 🙂

If you’re a tea fan you must drink Yogi Tea!



Not pictured:

Boot inserts- I don’t wear boots, it’s Florida… So I have no opinion other than they are super fluffy 😉

Botanics Moisturizing Cream- only because I forgot the picture 😉 I an using it on my hands, because I have a skincare set that I use religiously, and man it feels and smells great, plus super moisturizing!


I must also add- I was sent these products as a member of Influenster and VoxBox to test and report back. I am not paid for this, these are purely my opinions!


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