Embroidery Machine!

My mom bought me an embroidery machine for Christmas! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I mentioned it ages ago and as always, mom is the gift giving QUEEN! She remembers everything 😉


So of course, I’ve been busy learning and figuring it out!

First things first, the machine comes pre-loaded with *some* stitches, they’re nice but you’re gonna want a software program to do more than just the basics. Right now I’m using Sew What Pro, they have a free 30-day demo, and I’m figuring out some of the kinks on how exactly to use that. Make sure you get a good, user-friendly software whatever you decide.


Then you’ll need to decide what you want to embroider first! Towels, shirts, bags, shoes, I mean, the list is ENDLESS. Do your research, there are many great machine embroiders who have shared their knowledge online, use their tutorials.


Don’t be afraid to make a mistake (or a lot of mistakes) they happen and they make you better the next time around! Use scrap fabric and go for it!

Here are some of the things I’ve made and I’m really thinking of offering monogram services to local folks… we shall see. When my work becomes my job is often becomes a chore so I have walk that thin line carefully 😉

Happy embroidering friends!



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