Project Pan 2016- My Way!

We all have too much stuff, seriously, so much stuff and we need to be rid of it somehow and after being on Instagram (follow me @ErickaChampionWise) and seeing over and over again the hastags #projectpan #projectpanning #projectpan2016 #projectuseitup and the list goes on and on I finally did some reading about Project Pan and I LOVE IT!


Here’s a great series of blogs on the subject, read ’em! You’ll love it!

Basically all one does it take inventory of her current beauty items, hair, makeup, skincare, body wash, all of it, and I mean pull it all out– off the shelves, out of the drawers, from underneath the cabinets, EVERYWHERE you have stashed it– pull it all out.  And don’t forget to empty that purse, you KNOW you have a lot stashed in there.

And then for the duration of the challenge, which is usually a year, you pledge to ONLY use your stash, don’t go buy anymore, use what you have and give your opinion on that product and whether or not you’d buy it again, if you love/hate it, does it work, how it works, and all the usual jazz.

Here are my initial photos– boy do I have a lot.



I made the mistake of assuming that I had it all…. then I found more, and more, and more and more… so much more. It was ridiculous.

This absolutely SHOCKED me, blew me away, and made me feel pretty much like a hoarder and everyone who knows me knows that I am a purger, not even close to a hoarder…………… so I am taking this pledge full force, I want rid of this stuff!

Let’s jump in, shall we?


First up– makeup.

Foundation- I have EIGHT tubes of foundation. Eight.

Who in the world needs EIGHT tubes of foundation?!? I have full coverage, medium coverage, CC Cream, matte-wear, and luminous-wear. I don’t think I could wear that much foundation in three years, much less one….


On deck next– Eye Color


After laying it all out I counted 51 eye colors. FIFTY-ONE. I threw up a little at that number.  And, it gets worse, I only have three duplicates. Three. I seriously have 48 completely different eye colors. It’s time to get to business and use up these colors


Third we have, continuing in the eye vein, eye-liner, also 8 of those, and most of them are black. I’m sensing a theme here…..

Thankfully I only have two mascaras- I decided you didn’t need a photo of those. Also only three colors of blush. Shew.  I also didn’t take a photo of my 13 brushes and four (all different colors, of course) tubes of concealer

But I do have four bottles of eye makeup remover to take off all of that black eyeliner, apparently.

Lip products it seems, breed on their own in the cabinets… I have 31 total. Lipsticks, chapsticks, lipliners, lip gloss—- Geez Ericka, how many do you need??


Let’s move on from the makeup to skincare, this is where it gets a little (lot) out of hand.

28 bottles of skincare. TWENTY-EIGHT. I have face wash, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, scrubs, foundation setting sprays and more…. 28 of ’em.

And then I found four face-masks


Leaving the face we move on to shampoo and hair care- 31 total bottles. Thirty-one. I am not sure what I had planned to do with all of that but man, I could do my hair forever with all that stuff.



And apparently I plan to brush my teeth A LOT in the next year, I have 6 small tubes of tooth paste, one (almost empty) large tube in my gym bag, and then I forgot I had one more large tube in my bathroom. I think I could brush my teeth 5 times a day and still not use all this in a year…



I also apparently plan on NEVER having dry-skin, like ever. I have a grand total of 38 bottles of lotions………. I could moisturize a small country…


And living here in sunny Florida means sunscreen, lots and lots of sunscreen, but I have a lot, I mean 10 bottles of sunscreen and three bottles of after-sun lotion…. I could stand to use a little more on those beach days 😉

(what’s sad is that I KNOW I have more sunscreen somewhere… I just couldn’t find it)



I was pleasantly surprised at the small amount of perfume, sure 13 bottles is a lot, but several of them are small bottles and could be quickly used along with the two solid perfumes, those should go fast.


Then we have the contact solution and CASES. Contact cases are apparently taking over my bathroom… I do wear contacts, most every day so I do need solution but six bottles (two were in my purse) is pushing it. PLUS, SIX cases… I have zero need for that many cases. Those guys hit the garbage immediately post-photo.


I found more stuff, I am just labeling it miscellaneous because I don’t want to categorize it 😉



Nail polish- dude I have a lot of nail polish…. I have 37 bottles of regular polish and 14 gel. I could paint my nails every day for a year and still not use it all……..



Last but not least, hair ties/ponytail holders/hairbows/hair clips/ etc

I didn’t EVEN count these, I just listed them as “ridiculous” on my list… That seemed appropriate.




Moral of the Story

I have a lot of stuff. Too much stuff. And I need to focus on using it this year. Period.

If you see me walking toward the beauty aisle in any store or purchasing from any direct sales consultant smack my hands. Don’t let me shop. I don’t need anything else. No more makeup, no more shampoo, no more lotion (seriously), NO MORE. Ericka, DO NOT buy anymore beauty products!


Let’s see how much damage I can do to this ridiculous list in 2016 because dear lord, it’s gotta be less by the end.

Anyone else taking this challenge in 2016? I wanna see what you have and see how you’re doing! ❤



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