Project Pan- March 2016

March was a one busy month for my Project Pan!
I can’t believe how many products I finished, and I’m very proud of myself for using all of these! Its an amazing rush to get this taken care of!

Let’s dive in!


I kinda, sorta cheated on these 😉 I gave one to my husband to use because I just don’t like this toothpaste. It doesn’t work very well, my teeth aren’t squeaky clean, my breath doesn’t smell like minty-toothpaste-goodness.Basically I won’t be buying these again and if I need travel toothpaste I’ll just take my full size one.


This was a great sample of a Posh Pampering product “Moisture 911” and I LOVE it! So much so that I bought the full size product. It’s very very creamy, very thick and actually works, my skin is very smooth. It’s technically for the face but it’s very heavy for my oily skin so I use it on my body. My feet have never felt better! I love it!


If you like sulfate free shampoos and don’t mind the $30 per bottle price tag this is for you. I liked using this BB Hairdresser’s oil, (I had the condition too but finished it a while ago) I could tell a big difference in my hair and it’s quality while I was using this every few days. I was also able to extend the days of washing my hair from two days to three and some times four while using this, my normally oily and very thin hair changed to be more manageable.

I would like to repurchase but man, $60 for the set just doesn’t fit into my budget. I am on the hunt for a budget- friendly alternative. Any suggestions?


This one’s pretty simple. It cleans my glasses. It works. Done and Done.


This is one I am glad to be finished with. I didn’t like the smell, didn’t like how it went on, didn’t like how thin is was. Plus, I didn’t like how often I had to reapply, which was seriously every few minutes. Not a fan. Won’t be repurchasing.


I don’t think I even bought this one, I think it came in a gift basket of some sort. It smells like coconut, it lathered like it was supposed too, it cleaned. Nothing special, you know?

Would I buy it? Nah, probably not.


Now this I loved and I am SO SAD that the company has closed and I can’t get it anymore. So sad. I can’t even use regular shave foam any more because I’ve been so spoiled by this. This is a lotion-like substance that takes only a tiny bit to rub on the area to be shaven and it makes the razor cut like butter!

Anyone know a consultant from whom I can purchase stock she has on hand???? (I’m serious)


I got this in a influenster box and I really liked using it. It’s creamy and thick but spreads so well and soaks into the skin very easily. PLUS it has SPF20 and in Florida that’s non-negotiable. I have a few more small tubes of this that I am working on now and when those are finished I will buy the full size product.


There’s seriously a reason why we call all types of chapstick “Chapstick”

The original is the best. Without a doubt. The original chapstick tubes are thick and creamy and apply very well, and they are very long lasting for those dry lips. I have several more tubes to use and I will always go back to the real stuff 😉


This sample wasn’t bad. I’m a Garnier Fan and I really like most of their products. This volume formula actually worked. My thin hair loved it and so did I 😉 I had big hair! I used the shampoo, condition, and serum and blew out my hair easily. The blow out lasted two full days! That’s a record that even my salon blow outs can’t hold up against! I will buy these products, but I kinda wish there was a mid-size group because I don’t want to blow out my hair every day…. I wonder if Garnier will get on that for me??




There we go folks. March was a busy month and I feel proud of all the empties I have! I like using up this many, losing the clutter feels fabulous! I am so glad I stumbled upon this project pan challenge and started it this year, it’s been wonderful for me and my psyche!

I can’t wait to see what April holds!


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