I can not express to you enough.


If you have ever considered joining Paparazzi now is the time.

You may ask why is now the time.

Well first off the growth rate in Paparazzi is phenomenal.

Second Spring is here and everyone is tired of being cooped up inside with the weather warming up everyone is getting out and starting to shop for new outfits. People are looking for that bright spark of color they have been missing over the winter.

Third our Spring line is selling like crazy. When I say like crazy I mean I just watched a ring last less than 3 minutes.


I am serious when I say Paparazzi will blow you away. You do not have to be a sales person. We offer a product that women are out buying and paying double if not more than what our product is.


JOIN NOW before you come to me later and say I wished I would have joined when you were posting about now is time. Trust me if Paparazzi did not work I would not have made it two and half years with them.


Stop procrastinating and make it happen. If money is the issue then have a garage sale, sale some of the things you no longer need on the Facebook groups, do a bake sale, host a online website party and earn a part of your kit or the whole kit do whatever it takes.
“Can’t afford to do it, I say you can’t afford NOT to!”


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