On a regular basis people contact me about starting their own Paparazzi business because they need extra money.

They’ve had a financial crisis or they’re trying to prepare for an upcoming expense (think vacation, mission trips, Christmas, etc.) or they’re tired of existing paycheck to paycheck. I’m happy to give them the information they need and answer any questions, and I do it regularly. But I’m always  perplexed when they decide to wait to join for whatever reason. Maybe another financial crisis hits or they have an expense that prohibits them for becoming a consultant. My thoughts on this are: “There will ALWAYS be another financial crisis — every week. There will ALWAYS be another expense — every day. That is the exact nature of life and it’s why we SHOULD start a side hustle, not why we SHOULDN’T. You explored the idea of starting a side business BECAUSE of these things, so don’t let them become the excuse that robs you of your financial freedom.”

So if you’ve wanted to get started so many times but just found reasons not to, let’s go for it today! Set aside the reasons NOT to invest the $99, and turn them into the exact reasons why you SHOULD invest the $99. 🙂


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