This is the one that’s hard to process.
But mostly it’s hard to bounce back from.
And that’s only because we let pur pride get in the way.

We don’t like to fail.
No one does. Failing hurts, but it hurts our pride more than anything.

And that’s the problem with direct sales, folks see every little set back as a big, giant, overehmjng failure.

Stop it folks.
Its not a failure. Its just a set back.

So you had one bad party?
So you had a hostess who could have been a lot better?
So you had a teammate quit?

None of those are failures.

Step back up yo the plate and swing again for the fences. Your victory will come.
Just keep going.

Failure is not the end. Failure is just a stepping stone along the way to greatness and those who’ve made it to the top will tell you they had lots of “failures” along the way.


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