Are you Bored?

Who is at home tonight bored? What if I told you that you could be sitting at home or even put at friends house playing in jewelry and having fun all while making a little extra money? You will own your own business so you will make your own schedule. The only person you have … Continue reading

Perfect Fit.

What is Paparazzi and why would it be the perfect fit for you and your life? Paparazzi is a amazing company where we offer some fabulous bling all why fitting into everyone’s budget. What makes our jewelry super awesome. We have all the newest trends that you can go into a retail store and find … Continue reading

Project Pan- March 2016

March was a one busy month for my Project Pan! I can’t believe how many products I finished, and I’m very proud of myself for using all of these! Its an amazing rush to get this taken care of! Let’s dive in! I kinda, sorta cheated on these 😉 I gave one to my husband … Continue reading

Working my business

So thankful that this is my job! I still can’t believe it most days and I am floored when I tell people that I sell $5 jewelry and I teach, train, and mentor a team of over 100 men and women every day. I’ve always been good at sales and always known I was meant … Continue reading


Today is an awesome day!!   I am hosting a FLASH SALE in my VIP group on Facebook!! Join it here! I have several hundred pieces available for sale! And each piece is only $5! Only $5! Join my group and shop right on Facebook! I will email you an invoice after you’ve finished shopping … Continue reading


Paparazzi does it right! The reward those who go to events and meetings in crazy amazing ways! These five pieces are available to ONLY those who attended our Spring training, Empower Me Pink! You, because you’re my customers, can also order these! Tomorrow morning, 8am eastern, they will be live on my website– Run, … Continue reading

#Projectpan February 2015

Better late than never, right? I’m finally getting around to my report on February’s project pan 😉 This Arbonne color serum was a good one. It smoothed my hair, and I really feel like it protected my color. It smelled great, went on well, and did what it was supposed to do. Would I buy … Continue reading


Let me tell you about my job. Every day I get to work with, mentor, teach and build up women. I always knew I was meant to teach, I just wasn’t made for the classroom, at all. (Mostly the politics…) With my Paparazzi I get to teach, every day. And a lot of days that … Continue reading