Women Helping Women

Mary Kay is a company for women, by women and centered around women and this month I want to put my personal Mary Kay Business right in the middle of that thought- helping women.

To do so I am created a portfolio of Professional Business Women.


A book essentially of women in my local WNC area, professionals who are willing to have a beauty makeover with me, to include their business card, their business information, and a short biography of their professional life. This portfolio will be shared with everyone I know and is sure to generate more business for these women.


(If you do not believe that word of mouth works to increase business ask the young man who changed my oil, at my day job no less, what has happened in his business in the week since he did the oil change)


Wouldn’t you like someone else to do your advertising for you? Wouldn’t you like to know that there is someone out there promoting you and your services? and wouldn’t you like it to be for free?


I offer that and more. Each month I see at least 30 NEW women, not to mention the ones I already know, talk with, visit with, and see during the month- that would push the number up to somewhere around 75 or more, each and every month and your business would be showcased to each one of those women. Imagine the possibilities for your business.


To enter this portfolio all you must do is have a makeover with me.


No party, no snacks, no guests, no house cleaning. Just you, me, the makeup, two quick before and after pictures, a business card and biography. And you’re done.

Painless and your business will thank you for it.


Ericka L. Champion
Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay 

“Fail forward into success” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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